Deflationary multi utility gaming token

IOI token utilities

Unlimited rewards

Automatic value

Unlock rare Nfts







  • Listing on DEX (no KYC, no custody) - JustSwap, Oikos
  • Possible liquidity mining for liquidity providers
  • Explore other Defi opportunities like lending, borrowing or farming


  • Partnership with reputable Zizzy Group
  • Utilising algo trading strategies and analytics
  • Holding 1000 IOI Tokens - 24% APY
  • Holding 10 000 IOI Tokens - 36% APY
  • Dividend pool share in case of higher profits


  • Get staking up to 24% APY with IOI tokens
  • Purchase cars to increase winning chance
  • Holding 1000 IOI - 10 % from dividend pool
  • Holding 10 000 IOI Tokens - 90 % from dividend pool
  • Access to Never Lose Game


  • Play IOI game
  • Purchase cars to increase winning chance
  • Holding 1000 IOI - 10 % from dividend pool
  • Holding 10 000 IOI Tokens - 90 % from dividend pool
  • Access to Never Lose Game

Current status



Plan to be burned



Future supply






In circulation

Current IOI token usage

This is a forecast for current 20,000 players on platform


total supply


currenly in circulation


locked supply


future supply

How IOI be a deflating token?

How does IOI token get into circulation?

playing games to mine

staking IOI

Daily tasks

listing on Dex - liquidity

registration bonuses

space for burning

private sales



future supply


in circulation monthly


being burned monthly

Burning principles of IOI token

decreasing supply - appreciation of price

proposal is to burn 3x of the monthly token growth

there is 140k new tokens monthly currently

win win for players and investors

the more you play, the more you gain

token will last up to 10 years with 10x players

Circulating supply and burning effect



0 IOI burned

560,000 IOI in circulation

0% share of burned tokens


100,000,000 IOI tokens

99,440,000 locked IOI tokens

16,000 users on the platform



4,320,000 IOI burned

2,000,000 IOI in circulation

4,52% share of burned tokens


95,680,000 IOI tokens

93,680,000 locked IOI tokens

16,000 users on the platform



8,640,000 IOI burned

4,880,000 IOI in circulation

9,93% share of burned tokens


87,040,000 IOI tokens

82,160,000 locked IOI tokens

32,000 users on the platform



17,280,000 IOI burned

10,640,000 IOI in circulation

24,77% share of burned tokens


69,760,000 IOI tokens

59,120,000 locked IOI tokens

128,000 users on the platform



28,800,000 IOI burned

20,240,000 IOI in circulation

70,31% share of burned tokens


40,960,000 IOI tokens

20,720,000 locked IOI tokens

256,000 users on the platform


How can IOI token be deflationary?

Deflationary multi utility feature of the token is the key property we want to maintain. This is our long term focus and the team’s priority is the stable value of the token with the appreciation trend. The plan is to burn almost 60 % of the tokens based on the new supply growth related only to staking and gaming during the next four years. The idea is to burn 3X of the new monthly supply every quarter.

What is the IOI token utility? Why should I buy it?

The main token utility is as access gate for various kinds of races, gas station and as medium of exchange to buy cars in different TIER levels as non fungible tokens (NFTs) possible to stake. Furthermore holding IOI will enable you get share of dividend pool or earn in the trading pool following different levels.

Where can I buy IOI token?

The priority is to list IOI token on the DEX platform like Uniswap and during the 2021 also on the some CEX platforms. Currently the IOI token can be purchased also on the IOI game platform but its only temporary until it will be listed.

Why should I play the IOI game?

Our main focus are traders and non traders but gamers as well. We want to make trading for both groups less stress full and much more funny. If you want to drive a car race and win rewards while racing we are the right place.

What else do you offer besides gaming?

Our goal is become multi blockchain and utility platform. Except participating on various kinds of races you can become IOI game member and enjoy the four pillars we offer. The gaming is the key but we do offer also passive benefits with the trading strategies or staking opportunity if you purchase the car. If it is not enough you can try our gas station with never loose game. We will add more games as binary option or VS game.

Do you have referral program? If yes, how does it work?

The easiest way to build your online income by playing crypto games. No maintenance, no fees. You will get 0.5%-2% from turnover of your affiliates.

How to earn on the IOI platform?

As multi utility platform we would like to meet customer needs and that’s why you can earn either while playing the individual races or as a team member. Further more just do a daily tasks or by a car as NFTs and enjoy the staking rewards. As a bonus you can also earn utilize our Nitro wallet with its trading strategies incorporated.

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